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Bring Change! [September 13th, 2008]

It's time to start getting paid for your ideas!

B.C. Hydro and want to pay you $2,500 for your energy conservation idea!

It's easy!

Turn your idea into a 30-60 second video or written submission and enter it at before October 31st!

Then get your friends and family online to vote for YOUR idea!

PLUS! Cash and other prizes will be awarded to runner's up and online voters!

Energy Conservation Solutions Don't Invent Themselves

Go now and submit your idea!
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Let's evict the catalog industry from our Endangered Forests [April 23rd, 2007]

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Today we're delivering our eviction notice to the catalog industry -- they've got 30 days to get out of our Endangered Forests.
From California to Massachusetts, activists and concerned citizens have planned over 80 events and are hitting the streets, doing everything from delivering mock eviction notices and performing street theater to holding rallies at the storefronts of the industry's worst offenders, like J Crew, JC Penney, Sears/Lands' End, LL Bean, and Eddie Bauer.
Join them in solidarity by sending a message to industry leaders. Tell them it's time they stopped making catalogs from Endangered Forests!
Send Your Eviction Notice NOW!
Every year, the catalog industry sends out 20 billion catalogs -- that's more than 70 catalogs for every man, woman, and child in America. Our Endangered Forests are paying the price, and it's time the industry changes the way catalogs are made.
We are asking the catalog companies to stop making catalogs from Endangered Forests by adopting strong environmental policies and by using recycled and sustainable paper. Industry leaders Victoria's Secret, Dell, and Williams-Sonoma are making great progress.
We've written letters, made phone calls, and met with managers of fifteen other leading catalog companies across the country. So far, none of them has taken significant steps to get out of Endangered Forests.
In order to convince these companies to become environmental leaders, we need you. Tell the catalog industry it's time they stopped making catalogs from Endangered Forests! Send Your Eviction Notice NOW!

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Protect Mountain Caribou Habitat [February 23rd, 2007]

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Protect Mountain Caribou Habitat

The mountain caribou needs more habitat than British Columbia's government is currently prepared to provide. And, without proper protection, one of the most endangered mammals in North America could disappear.

Industrial logging and out-of-control motorized recreation are not only destroying caribou habitat, but also diminishing opportunities for nature lovers and recreation enthusiasts.

Yet, the British Columbia government has prepared a mountain caribou recovery plan that proposes less habitat protection than the government's mountain caribou science team believes would be necessary to fully recover the herds.

Canadian pressure is critical for the recovery of this endangered species. Please tell the BC government that habitat protection is the cornerstone of an effective mountain caribou recovery plan. The comment period ends February 28, 2007. Send your comment TODAY!

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Protect North America's Boreal Forest [February 20th, 2007]

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i received this in the mail today, thought i'd pass it along:

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North America’s Boreal Forest and millions of birds are under threat

Canadian officials have proposals in front of them to protect the Boreal Forest

Urge them to protect this vital habitat today!

Can you imagine life without some of your favorite birds? If the summer breeding ground for over 300 of North America’s bird species is not protected, we could lose some of these amazing birds forever. The Boreal Forest, known as North America’s Bird Nursery, is one of the largest unspoiled ecosystems left on Earth - and it is under threat!

Please tell Canadian officials to protect the pristine Boreal Forest before it is irreversibly damaged.

Several pipeline projects are planned for the Canadian Boreal region - and they are just the first step in opening up this unspoiled area to unsustainable mining, clear-cutting, and runaway development.

But it doesn’t stop there. These pipelines will fuel the Alberta Tar Sands, the dirtiest oil extraction process on Earth, which produces 3 times as much greenhouse gas as conventional oil production – polluting air, land, and water. This is bad for wildlife and our environment.

The Boreal is the breeding ground for sparrows, warblers, woodpeckers, the endangered Whooping Crane, and many others. Unless it is protected, runaway energy development will destroy habitat for millions of migratory birds forever.

The only way we can conserve the Boreal is to protect critical habitat before any pipelines are built - and place a moratorium on Tar Sands expansion.

Canadian officials have proposals in front of them to protect the Boreal. Send a letter today urging them to take action before any pipeline is built.

Help save our feathered friends and our planet!

Thank you,

Emily L.
Care2 and
ThePetitionSite Team

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January 2006 Newsletter [January 18th, 2006]

Hello TREES Members and Friends of the Organization,


* Distance Agroforestry Training - Open for Everyone - Now Accepting Applicants!
* We're off to an Early Start in 2006
* Our Plan of Action and Budget for 2006 - copies available
* Call for New Project Requests
* Planting Trees in Iraq
* Finding Solutions for Oklahoma's Grassfires
* Trees for the Future's Role in Global Forests Trends
* BetterWorld Telecom

Distance Agroforestry Training - Open for Everyone - Now Accepting Applicants!

Sign up has begun for our new Distance Agroforestry Training Program. With this program, we are able to reach any community in the world - from southern California to southern India and all in between. It is designed for community leaders, future and current Peace Corps Volunteers, extension agents, field technicians, missionaries, NGO and government workers, and anyone else interested in learning more about agroforestry and sustainable development. The lessons of this training program are facilitated through a training packet and e-learning methods. At the end of the program you will be required to pass an agroforestry exam before receiving a Certificate in Agroforestry. The cost is free. Admission is rolling. A full explanation and signup form are available at:

We're off to an Early Start in 2006

It's official! Trees for the Future helped plant just over 3.1 million trees in 2005. As we work toward our goal of helping over 11,000 families in 20+ countries to plant more than 3.3 million trees this year, we have already collected and distributed enough materials to India, Belize, Honduras, Haiti, and eight African countries to plant 175,000 seedlins. This month, Adam and Anne are leaving for Costa Rica, where they'll be based for the entire year, and Dave is leaving for a short trip to the Philippines. Trees for the Future's technicians and field reps spend much of their time during the first few months every year training new communities in seedling production and assisting in seed collection and distribution. We should have updates from Central America the Philippines projects available online by mid-February.

Our Plan of Action and Budget for 2006 - copies available
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